The Distilled Essence of the MBA Degree in a Fraction of the Time!

Dr. Sobel has greatly reduced his travel commitments!

Instead, he conducts a ‘master class’ (no more than 12 participants), which has an intimate and comfortable ‘feel,’ partly because they are held in several rooms on his premises. The tuition for this 2-day program is $1,795-$1,995 per person.

Those who place a premium on privacy or personal, one-on-one attention, may instead prefer to experience the program in the form of private coaching sessions.


The fee for the session is $2,995. However, since we will not be addressing the needs of other participants (as would normally take place with a group in a class), you may opt in advance for a 1-day session. The tuition for this version of the program is also $2,995, but you will have Dr. Sobel all to yourself for the duration. For ‘off-the-record’ advice pertaining to specific challenges or problems that you are facing, as well as the ‘on the record’ stuff. (Actually, he manages to sneak in some “off-the-record’ stuff, even within a group/class setting.)

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In the event that numerous others in your organization (let’s say, a unit or department wish to experience this program along with you, please have your human resources officer, training manager or other representative contact us. (Let’s assume that you enroll 20 participants. That number times the individual tuition rate would be (TOM:$17,950-$19,950. The corporate rate for the two-day program is only (TOM $12,000, plus only $995 for each additional person over 20. Any way you slice it, your investment will be very substantially less than the per capita tuition on an individual basis.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Sobel must keep keep travel commitments to a minimum. However, if the need is compelling and alternative means are not applicable, he will make every effort to travel to your facilities, in order to deliver the program, either to the group and/or to coach individuals ‘privately.’ (Of course, a premium fee plus all travel, food & lodging, as well as business-related expenses, involve an additional investment.) Each participant receives:

• A Certificate of Participation, suitable for framing;
• A copy of the MBA IN A NUTSHELL® book;
• Educational materials
• “Promotools” and mementos.
• Each day, a Continental breakfast and a ‘smorgasbord’ variety lunch will be served. Professional servers will be happy to fill your plates with any, or all of several cuisines worth of tasty food.
• Hot and cold beverages (piping hot tea or coffee, iced tea, soda, juices) and solid snacks (fruits, baked goods, chocolate bars and other candies, ice creams) will be available at all times throughout the program.

Please place a telephone call to Dr. Sobel’s executive assistant, Ms. Marion Marx at 203-891-6319, or … for a quicker response, send her an e-mail message. Kindly inform her regarding:

a) the version of the program in which you are interested;

b) the dates you would like to participate;

c) Important: Please be sure to include your telephone number(s),

including the dates(s)/time(s); and

d) Also, please let us know:

1. Why you are attending this program. In other words (as specifically as possible), what areas need improvement and what outcome(s) of this learning experience would you value?

2. It would be helpful to know: your job function, title, and hobby or special interest (that is, something that you enjoy and with which you are a bit familiar.

3. You may wish to list the name of your employer. We offer discounts to employees of certain organizations.